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Current Season  Challenges

Shellharbour GFC committee would like to invite all registered members to participate in this seasons Triple Challenges.

All Triple challenges consist of the tag and release OR capture of the 3 selected species in each category. Captures must comply with Gfaa minimum weight rules.

Triple Challenges are as follows:

Marlin Triple Challenge - Blue, Black & Stripe marlin

Shark Triple Challenge - Tiger, Mako & Whaler shark

Tuna Triple Challenge - Yellowfin, Bluefin & Albacore Tuna  

Junior Triple Challenge - Any 3 game fish listed above. A prize will be given to all juniors who achieve this challenge.

Small Fry Triple Challenge - Capture or tag and release of any 3 game fish. Eg. Mahi-mahi, Kingfish, Marlin, Shark, Tuna (including Stripe tuna) etc. Remember measure and release is allowed. There will be a prize for all small fry who achieve this challenge.

Mahi-mahi (Dolly) Challenge - Heaviest Dolly captured, regardless of line- class.

Junior Small Fry Dolly challenge is also heaviest regardless of line class.

These challenges are for some fun and are separate to clubs trophy list. Good luck to everyone for the 2023 / 24 season.

With the challenges, we ask that you take photos and contact/text Mark Coles on 0432072259 so he can post the photos and make it easier for record keeping to ensure nobody misses out on their prizes on presentation night.

Any Questions, please feel free to call Mark on 0432072259 and he will happily answer any questions.

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